25 Dec

If I were to get full capture of 2013, time and words couldn’t possibly suffice…
Merry CHRISTmas everyone….

Perry's Tots

DAY 25: Papyrus

A great poet… Enjoy! 🙂

2013 – To – 2014 #TheTransition

Taking a moment for reminiscence
Journeying back thru’ the months, weeks and days gone past

I recall starting off the year on a note no one would desire
Accumulated set backs, so much to worry about
So much uncertainty, so much anxiety
I felt the pressure

Days rolled into weeks
Weeks morphed into months
How I escaped the numerous near-death experiences? – I do not know
How every worry became a joyous story? – I have no clue
How my heart survived the demise of my brother from another mother? – Lord only knows
How all that uncertainty birthed in me sanity? – I haven’t the faintest idea

One minute I was sickened by fears of all sorts
The next I was a honored guest at the Ghanaian State house
There I sat – a…

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